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Listen: Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, Nas & Young Jeezy “Champion”

While Nicki Minaj is ecstatic about putting her D in someone’s face, the rest of the world anticipates content similar to her latest leak “Champion.” Repping the rise of the ghetto, the “Pink Friday” orchestrator brings along Drake, Nas and Young Jeezy for a winning collaboration.

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Watch: Drake Pays Homage To Degrassi with “Wheelchair Jimmy” [Video]

While in California for the Club Paradise tour, Drake gave fans a bit of Degrassi nostalgia in his live performance of “The Motto.” Drizzy let his body do the talking, breaking out into the “Wheelchair Jimmy” dance in memory of his TV show character. Long live Jimmy!

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Drake and Nicki Minaj Cover GQ and Allure Magazines

Weezy’s proteges not only dominate headlines but take covers left and right.

A multicolored Nicki shows that she’s more than a collection of wigs in her newest interview with Allure…

while Drizzy suits up for Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

Young Money never looked this good.

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Watch: MTV Reveals the Top Rappers on “Hottest MCs in the Game VII” List [Video]

In a contest of personal opinion and vital statistics, a music savvy panel at MTV compiled a somewhat controversial roundup of the top rappers for the “Hottest MCs in the Game VII” List.

Watch Rick Ross and Drake duke it out for the top spot below. Do you think Rozay deserved the #1 spot?

MTV’s Hottest MC’s In The Game VII:

1. Rick Ross
2. Drake
3. Kanye West
4. Lil’ Wayne
5. Nicki Minaj
6. Jay-Z
7. Meek Mill
8. Big Sean
9. Wiz Khalifa
10. Wale

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Drake’s Rep Responds to “Marvin’s Room” Lawsuit

After The Hollywood Reporter reported yesterday that Drake’s supposed ex-girlifriend Ericka Lee is suing the rapper for excluding her from co-writer royalties on the heartbreak hit “Marvin’s Room,” his rep has responded to the lawsuit.

“This claim is entirely without merit and our client has not engaged in any wrongful conduct,” the spokesperson said. “Ericka Lee consented to the use of her voice in the song ‘Marvin’s Room’ prior to its release. Lee asked only for the credit she received as ‘Syren Lyric Muse,’ and she did not ask for any compensation. It was only after she retained a lawyer that there was a demand for payment.  Drake tried for months to resolve the matter amicably, and he now looks forward to being vindicated in court.”

Lee, who reveals herself to be the female speaking on the viral Take Care single, filed the lawsuit Thursday in California federal court. stating that the two had a romantic and business relationship between earl 2010 and mid-2011. She  had saved text messages Drizzy supposedly sent her, saying, “U basically made that song” and “It’s sh*t without you.” The Toronto native also offered Lee 2 percent of publishing royalties.

She also claimed that Drizzy made threatening calls after she decided to hire lawyer Neville Johnson, who previously filed a lawsuit against the Toronto star on behalf of Playboy Enterprises after Drake supposedly used an unauthorized recording sample for “Best I Ever Had.” Lee also reported that after “Marvin’s Room” release, they split ways and their relationship ended ugly.

Sounds like a classic case of exes trying to exploit their former beaus. [Hi Adele.] Looks like Lee might be the one to do better now.

While news of the lawsuit spread on the Internet like Drizzy’s sophomore album leak, Drake kept it trill in Indianapolis last night, performing at ESPN The Magazine’s “NEXT” party.

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Drake Calls Common’s Diss “A Ploy For Attention,” Clarifies Kobe Bryant Lyrics

Common was on one when he fired direct shots at Drake. In an interview with Nah Right on the set of his latest video “The Zone” with T-Dot brethren The Weeknd, Drizzy finally addresses the sweet and schemy Comm raps.

So people want to know: will you respond to Common?
No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.

The Young Money mascot also elaborated on his verse from “Stay Schemin,” where he makes a subtle reference to Kobe Bryant’s recent divorce.

That line came from a conversation about being this young and making this much money and the fear of losing it all. I just used his potential situation to address my own life. I never intended to offend Vanessa or anyone else. That line had everything to do with me and what goes on in my head as a 25 year old man with this much income flowing in. Kobe is and always will be a friend and an icon to me.

He also cleared up last year’s rumors about giving the ax to his management team.

No my team is stronger than ever and ready for 2012. I’m excited for what this year will bring.

Read the full interview here.


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Rihanna Lights Up in Hawaii, Heats Up Armani Ads

No denying that everything Rihanna do is certified hot.

On her recent vacation in Hawaii, the Barbados beauty was caught puffing and tweeting her smoke session, including a kush-inspired line from Drake’s “Up All Night.”

According to Hawaii state law, the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in public is categorized as a misdemeanour, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and 30 days in jail.

Possession of one ounce or more can be fined up to $2,000 and up to one year in prison.

Revealing photos were also released from her latest Armani jeans and lingerie campaign ad. The fiery singer returned as the brand’s face and bod after being voted the sexiest set of 2011.

Telling from these visuals, she’s definitely on one.

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LISTEN: Common’s Latest Drake Diss on “Stay Schemin (Remix)”

The war of the light skinneded sets off 2012 pitting Chi-town’s Common versus Canada’s own Drake.

Around the December release of Common’s album The Dreamer/ The Believer, rumors painted Drizzy as the designated target in Comm’s “Sweet,” who raps:

Y’all niggas man, you soft muthafuckers…Some ho ass niggas/ Singing all around me man, la la la, You ain’t muthafucking Frank Sinatra/ Uh, lil’ bitch

In an interview with Sway on MTV RapFix, Common addressed the “Sweet” situation head-on, saying if the record applied to Drake, then it’s about him.

“He opened his mouth and said some things, so if that’s what he want—all that subliminal [talk]…you could do that too, but say it now. The verse is about me but when you hear some of the stuff on the chorus it’s like you can’t help but think about dude and I guess that’s what he felt. So at the end of day he fits in that category, he already embraced it, so wear it.”

Last week, the Young Money mascot appeared on Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape, dropping a couple of lines on “Stay Schemin” that sounded like a loaded response to the Chicago native:

That’s why I see no need to compete with niggas like y’all/ I just ask them when you see me you speak up nigga that’s all/ Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing/ Its feeling like rap changed, there was a time it was rugged/ Back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon/ Nowadays niggas reach just to sell they record

But wait…

Only two days after, Common drops a Drizzy diss record remixing “Stay Schemin,” calling out the T-Dot youngin’ by name and adding a little Destiny’s Child to the mix. Shots fired!

Do you think the Common/Drake beef has “Ether” potential or is it two rap stars caught up in an irrelevant hype battle? Post your thoughts in the comments!


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WATCH: Rick Ross feat. Drake & French Montana “Stay Schemin”

Rick Ross continues to plot for eternal wealth and holds his homies Drake and French Montana down in this Spiff-TV directed late-night visual for “Stay Schemin.”

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