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Watch: Trey Songz “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love” [Video]

While I know many who beg to differ, Trey Songz shows he has no problem er, balancing the two in his latest visual “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love” off the 2011 Inevitable EP.

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Watch: Rihanna Bares Some More For Armani [Video]

While the Bare-badian beauty is a woman of many talents, being scantily clad is definitely one of her strongest. Watch her latest and sexiest visual with Armani Jeans below.

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The Relative Issues Behind Rush Limbaugh’s “Slut” Remarks [Via VIBE Vixen]

Rush Limbaugh’s mouth has landed him in trouble once again. The controversial conservative and well-known radio host recently made headlines after calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” for testifying in Congress last week on behalf of her Jesuit college to cover birth control costs.

“What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke going before a Congressional committee and essentially saying she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut right?” Limbaugh asked on his live broadcast Wednesday.

The next day, he called out the “Feminazis,” claiming that if taxpayers were to shell out for female contraceptives, they would want to see the videos of their sexual activity posted online “so taxpayers can see what we’re getting for our money.”

Although the political tastemakers have attempted to frame the verbal attack as a battle between right versus left, the ethical consequences of Limbaugh’s remarks ultimately make it a case of right against wrong. Limbaugh’s actions created such an uproar in the female community that his sponsors–including AOL, ProFlowers, Legal Zoom and Citrix Systems–have severed ties with the show.

The personal attack on Fluke also put the spotlight on female name-calling as well as the double standard that continues to exist today. Some commentary makes it seem like it’s okay for men to tuck dollars into an exotic dancer’s underwear and pay prostitutes for recreational pleasure, but once a woman steps to Congress for reimbursement on contraception, she’s deemed a slut? Although Limbaugh’s public apology (issued a handful of days after the initial remark) came with some hint of remorse, it suggests that he didn’t realize the direct effect of his words.

But is it also the women’s fault that such words have been overused and exploited to the point where even a derogatory curse word has become a common expression?

There has been heated debate about female slander forever, not just in politics but the entertainment industry, as well. While reality television divas are quick to throw a punch or slap the cheek of any chick who dare calls her a “bitch,” rappers–both female and male alike–top the charts with tracks that glorify being the “baddest bitch” in the game.

Fluke appeared on ABC’s The View, saying that his apology falls on deaf ears. And she was right. If anything, hip-hop artists continue to call women bitches and hoes while other males in the public eye are now referring to women as sluts. Limbaugh’s outburst has simply exacerbated the problem.

There is meaning to every title. Fluke, is first and foremost, a daughter, a potential mother, a could-be-lawyer and a woman with enough sense to demand protection so that she could prevent a pregnancy she is not yet prepared for. Her testimony before Congress was not an open plea to open her legs more. She was made to be the victim in a political tirade, but in the end it was Limbaugh’s words that cost him.

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Watch: Wale feat. Lil Duval “Fairy Tales” [Video]

Wale has visions of big booties dancing in his head in his latest video “Fairy Tales” featuring Lil Duval off The Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape.

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Watch: The-Dream “ROC (Roc Your Body)” [Video]

The-Dream is making his way back to musical reality with his latest vision for “ROC.”

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Listen: Chris Brown feat. Rihanna “Turn Up The Music (Remix)”

Forget chucking the deuces, this double-remix release may as well be two middle fingers. While Chris Brown dropped the cake, Rihanna turned up the music…showing their “musical” adoration for each other via Twitter. Regardless, it goes without a doubt that Rihanna Navy, Team Breezy and the rest of the world have plenty to say tonight. Yikes!!!

Turn it up here.

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Listen: Usher “Climax”

Nothing better than beginning your night with some sexy Usher falsetto. Mr. Raymond returns with the Diplo-produced bedroom-heater “Climax.” Only way to to go is the finish line.

Reach yours by listening to “Climax” here.

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WATCH: Busta Rhymes feat. Chris Brown “Why Stop Now”

Recent Cash Money signee Busta Rhymes teams up with Chris Brown a second time for their latest collaboration “Why Stop Now.” The brick walls, dark tones and mind-boggling visuals sync with Busta Buss’ racy flow and Breezy’s fluid dance moves. The former Flip Mode squadron pulled out all the stops for this one.

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Rihanna Lights Up in Hawaii, Heats Up Armani Ads

No denying that everything Rihanna do is certified hot.

On her recent vacation in Hawaii, the Barbados beauty was caught puffing and tweeting her smoke session, including a kush-inspired line from Drake’s “Up All Night.”

According to Hawaii state law, the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in public is categorized as a misdemeanour, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and 30 days in jail.

Possession of one ounce or more can be fined up to $2,000 and up to one year in prison.

Revealing photos were also released from her latest Armani jeans and lingerie campaign ad. The fiery singer returned as the brand’s face and bod after being voted the sexiest set of 2011.

Telling from these visuals, she’s definitely on one.

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